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Christopher Cannon Bey



President Christopher- Cannon: Bey born February 3, 1968 in Illinois, attended St. Frances X Cabrini Grammar School, Manley High School, and was  Coin institute graduate in electric, and eventually found Moorish Science where he learned the teachings of the late honorable prophet noble Drew Ali, and of the true nationality of the so-called negro, and black people.

Christopher- Cannon: Bey of the Tribe of Judah a Prince of the Royal Blood Line, in the House of David. Abraham, Boaz by Ruth, Jesse, King David, Solomon, Hezekiah, and Joseph by Mary. Christopher- Cannon: Bey is the Great Great Great grandson of a prominent Cherokee Chief “Chief Doublehead” “aka” the last Chickamauga Cherokee Chief.  Chief Doublehead who is the husband of President Christopher- Cannon: Bey’s Great Great Great Grandmother Polly Doublehead. Who is the Mother of Sara Hogshooter. Sara Hogshooter the mother of President Cannon: Bey Great Grandmother Annie Turner.  President Cannon: Bey Great Grandmother Annie Turner whose father William Turner a full-blood Delaware Lenape Cherokee whose father  Isaac Turner who is a blood relative of Henry Turner blood relative Empress Verdiacee Tiari Washitaw (Washington) Turner (Tunica) blood relative of Eliza Turner the mother of Timothy Drew, who was born on a Cherokee reservation who later became the Holy Prophet of the Moorish American people and thereby making President Cannon: Bey also a blood relative of the Honorable Prophet Noble Drew Ali. President Cannon: Bey Great Grandmother Annie Turner who married George Cannon Bey who is the Mother and Father of President Christopher- Cannon: Bey's Grandfather Fred Cannon Bey, the Father of Harry Cannon: Bey, who is the Father of President C Cannon: Bey.

 President Cannon: Bey is a lifelong Humanitarian, President Cannon: Bey is a visionary of the United States of America Republic, serving the Moorish American People; with his cabinet of trusted advisors. He Re-established the National Republic April 15, 2015 to bring the Moorish American people back under the Constitutional fold of a Free National Government.

He was Allah’s elect President Anointed to be the one to pick up the torch left by the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali to light the way for the Moorish American People to find their way back to Nationhood.  In May 2015, following an unprecedented 106-day campaign to re-establish the United States of America Republic National Government, He single handedly brought in 103 government officials to assist in running the newly Re-established Government and had sworn in another 56 officials by January 9, 2016.

President Cannon: Bey is moving our National Republic Government forward. He led the way for the largest Repatriation of Negro, Blacks, and African Americans back to true statehood in our state’s history with over 200 More Moorish Americans joining U.S.A.R. by the end of 2016.


President Cannon: Bey estimates 5,000 new Nationals after the first five years alone.

To meet our Nations rapidly changing workforce needs, President Cannon: Bey unveiled the Next Level Moorish American Jobs program to help get more Moorish Americans into high-demand, high-wage jobs.

In his first legislative session as President, he rallied Moorish American Government officials to Legislate Laws for the Moorish American People, and he was shown full support from Moorish lawmakers to expand Law Making. He also pushed the Continental Congress to establish foreign policies, Driving Laws, and the establishment of the first Moorish Marshal/Vicegerent Law Enforcement agency in America.


President Cannon: Bey also pushed for Identification uniformity, and Strict laws for the selling of Nationality which made it illegal for anyone to sale Nationality on the American Continent. President Cannon: Bey is now pushing for low-income Housing for Moorish Americans to Re-establish Moorish American Communities Nationwide.


He will be unveiling the Moorish American National Recovery Program—a one-stop shop for information and resources on Nationality. See ( go to the Official Government website for the State’s National comprehensive and community-based effort to fight the Drug crisis and to bring an end to the War on drugs started by Ronald Reagan that manly focused on urban areas. All of this work is underscored by President Cannon: Bey’s commitment to providing great government service for Moorish American taxpayers.


He has a mission to make U.S.A.R. competitive in the global economy by “bringing the world to Moorish Americans and taking Moorish Americans to the world.” So far, the President has plans with meeting officials and industry leaders of China, Japan, Africa, India, Vietnam, Russia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Philippine governments and more to showcase Moorish Americans assets and to build global economic ties.

Throughout his career, he has earned a reputation of being a consensus builder. He has traveled extensively throughout the Country—talking with Moors wherever he goes about how to make North America an even better place to live, work and play. President Cannon: Bey is dedicated to being a Lifelong public servant of the Moorish American people.

President Cannon: Bey made history by establishing the first State building for the Moorish American People in 2018 in New Mecca and then in 2020 just two years later established the First Capitol Building for the Moorish American people in New Mecca.

President Christopher-Cannon: Bey is a Free White Person 21 and over, an Ancient, Aboriginal and Indigenous Moorish American National Full blooded Chickamauga Cherokee and a Delaware Cherokee also known as Lenape part of the Five Civilized Tribes aka The Moor’s.  President Christopher- Cannon: Bey is an elected Head of State National-citizen of the U.S.A. domiciled in the Province Indiana “Land of the Indians”. President Christopher- Cannon: Bey is the 1st President of the newly Re-established United States of America Republic National Government on April 15, 2015.

P.O. Box 436885 
Chicago, Province of Illinois [60643]
Phone:  202-380-9588

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