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CIVIC IGNORANCE and CIVIC DEATH must be honestly and seriously addressed in the Moorish communities in the Americas (Al Morocs). If the Civil Death – long existing among the unconscious Moors – is not addressed with intelligence and progressive action, the consequences will destroy the Nation. The natural law of RECIPROCITY is activated and is not asleep. Nature will no longer tolerate the imbalance.

Civil Death is the social state of a people or person, who, though possessing natural life, have lost, or been denied by force, threat, duress or coercion and slavery, the natural birthright power of self – government. In this political state, there exists no civil social law benefit which is supported or backed by power of a National Written Constitution. No one in a state of CIVIL DEATH possesses any politically existing rights, immunities, or protections which must or may be respected by those in power in a society, who themselves, are not CIVILLY DEAD. Civil Death is the basic ingredient for most "social programs".

The forced and coerced Civil Death among the Moors is a ROOT CAUSE of their economic, social destruction and problems in the branded Moors: black, negro and colored communities and families. The enforcement of active and operative Civil Death of the Moors is a Colony/State priority made under the guise of STATES’ SOVEREIGN RIGHTS. The "STATES’ RIGHTS" arguments are and have always been their argument to the claimed rights to their CHATTEL property – the defeated Moors –branded and labeled negro, black, colored, indian, etc and their usurped LANDS.

GOVERNOR Dexter- Johnson: Bey Province of Indiana

GOVERNOR Dexter- Johnson: Bey Province of Indiana
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