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Law Governs All Events

Free National Principles & Standards


An essential element of a Nation, is its’ laws and their foundation.  The Rule of Law is the “legal principle” that laws should govern a nation.  This virtuous principle, “Rule of Law”, excludes individual arbitrary opinions and decisions of any one person within a government, especially its courts and municipal officers; and ensures that "Human Rights" are at the forefront of any and all laws legislated within our Government.

The Rule of Law implies that every National or citizen is subject to the law, including lawmakers themselves. It is widely defined as a, “legal principle, of general application, sanctioned by the recognition of authorities, and usually expressed in the form of a maxim or logical proposition.  Called a “rule,” because in doubtful or unforeseen cases it is a guide or norm for their decision.”

Lack of the Rule of Law can be found in both democracies and dictatorships, [because of neglect or ignorance of the law], that restrict sufficient corrective mechanisms and/or remedies for restoring the “Rule of Law”.  


The United States of America Republic adopts and enforces the “Rule of Law” principle when legislating and enforcing its laws:


I.  Effectiveness

To ensure our Nations' laws are capable of guiding the behavior of its people, the following principles of “effectiveness” are applied during legislation:

  • That our laws should be "unambiguous, precise, open and clear".

  • Our laws will not be retroactive.[1]

  • Stability of laws (not changed often).

  • The creation of specific laws should be guided by open, stable, clear and general rules that create a stable framework.


II.  Legal Mechanics

The following principles establish the legal machinery with which we secure compliance with the rule of law:


We the Moorish American People are in great comprehension that, as a Nation of People being Nationwide in scope to achieve peace as well as unity as a single harmonious Nation, there must be uniform Laws for Our Nation, as they are "the Rock on which our Republic rests". 


The Principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice are embedded within our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Laws of the United States of America Republic; "symbolized" by the 5-pointed green star upon our National Standard [Flag].


Being a People of deeply-held religious convictions, we derive our Laws from the Holy Scriptures of the Holy Koran, the Holy Bible and the Great Qu'ran of Mohammed and the Learning, Teachings and Truth of the Holy Prophet Noble Drew Ali, who led us, His People, back to the Principles and Standards of our ancient forefathers’ 

...Free National Principles and Standards.



  • Footnote: [1] but if a retroactive law is to be enacted, the fact that this is going to be done must be known for certain to ensure that the retroactivity does not clash with the rule of law.

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